„Marketing takes a day to learn and a lifetime to master” Philip Kotler
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Consulting Services
We strive to help small and medium companies develop marketing activities, programs, plans and to achieve their goals correctly and efficiently, even if these companies do not have dedicated staff for marketing. We created a full range of marketing consulting services, fit to solve current and long term marketing problems.  Details

About Neolevel
We are a team of Marketing Professionals. We offer consultancy services in the field of Strategic and Operational Marketing, as well as specific Training and Coaching programs.
We are offering you all the necessary strategies to solve your company’s marketing problems and we implement them, at your request.
Neolevel is a full services marketing agency. You can think of us as of your external marketing departmentDetails
Other Marketing Services
For HORECA and Real Estate companies, as well as for small and medium companies in general, our team has developed specific services in order to solve real marketing, branding, image or sales problems.
Our rich personal experience helps us understand the specifics of these industries and deliver superior quality programs. Details
Training Services
If you wish to develop specific marketing skills in a relaxed atmosphere, as well as meeting professionals from other companies, join our open training courses or ask us to adapt and deliver a training program focused on your specific marketing problems. Details
Ask Neolevel
Through the Ask Neolevel section of our website we intend to offer our visitors free marketing advice in specific matters, by receiving your questions and replying to them either on our website or by e-mail. We welcome your questions.
We will reply in English for the questions received in English and in Romanian for those submitted in Romanian, therefore you will find different content in the English and Romanian site.

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Is Good Branding a Lucky Strike
(excerpt from the Neolevel blog)

People, in general, don’t mind too much the brands, the names, the stiles. Neither do they realize that exactly those preferred brands have not been named by chance and have not received the colours because of their owners' personal preferences.  The brands they love have been built with passion and quite a considerable amount of knowledge, research, strategy and talent.

Sometimes such small design elements of a brand are the ones that make the difference. Why do we have a slightly better feeling for one brand than for the other when we have them all in front of us in the superstore shelf? Why do we sometimes feel  that the packaging of a product communicates by itself the messages promoted in its advertising, or the company that sent us a letter is exactly what they presented themselves to be? The answer is never luck.

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