„Marketing is the key to extraordinary results that a company can achieve” Peter Fisk
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HORECA Marketing

HORECA industry (that includes Hotels, Spas, Resorts, Restaurants, Bars, Coffee shops, Catering and other similar companies) presents specific features compared to other industries. It combines elements of product marketing with absolute services.  The customers are different, both corporate and individuals. People come to hotels with high expectations on service and the quality of staff is crucial. The Personnel becomes a full marketing mix.

Management of a hotel project is difficult. The managers are helped by specialized schools – for chefs, waiters to hotel management. But the vast majority of the challenges in a HoReCa establishment refer to elements of marketing and sales. You cannot go to the customer; the customer has to come to you. You cannot be present at each street corner, so people are not aware of your products unless they become paying customers. A hotel top management is marketing.

It is surprising that from the hundreds of hotels, restaurants, hostels, tourist complexes, etc., only a tiny percentage have their own marketing department. This means that the General Manager has the general responsibility of marketing. As if they were not busy enough.

Neolevel team's expertise in HORECA marketing comes to help hotels and restaurants do professional marketing. "God is in the details” said Donald Trump, and in this industry, the details are those that make the difference between a venue where people come all the time and an empty one.

You certainly noticed two terraces located in the same area one of which is crowded while the second is empty. Why is this happening? Which one would you like it to be your terrace? You are leading an International chain 5 stars hotel and the service standards are very high. How long and how much effort does it take you to apply all the chain standards of communication? How much time does each flyer require from you? And what can we do this weekend to bring more visitors?

Neolevel offers customized marketing services to companies working in the HORECA industry.
We fully understand the differences compared to other industries and we are proud that we can speak the same language with those who employ us.  We can tailor the marketing services offered and offer specific services for the hotel industry including:

Marketing Audit for HORECA:

>> A complete analysis of existing marketing activities and marketing potential of the hotel or restaurant
>> An evaluation of marketing efforts and the effectiveness of prior and existing marketing activities
Marketing guidelines
>> A general program of major marketing activities you need to focus on
>> A detailed action plan  of the necessary activities
>> Marketing budget estimates
Marketing Coaching
>> Monitoring the marketing activity of the company during the contract
>> Monthly meetings with the General Manager to evaluate and guide the activities
>> Evaluation completed of actions
>> Solutions to repair any mistakes 
>> New actions proposals
>> Weekly Discussion with the personnel designated for marketing
>> Guidance through projects
>> Correction of texts / projects / presentations
Budget allocation:
>> Distribution of budgets so as to obtain the best results
>> Creating media plans
Consulting for pitch:
>> Creating the set of objectives and Pitch file
>> Participation in presentations along with the company representatives
>> Advising the client in selecting which agency to work with.

The Liaison:
The unit General Manager:
>> Signs contracts
>> Approves the strategies and projects
>> Approves budgets and signs bills
>> Approves payments

General Manager’s Assistant:
>> Provides the necessary information
>> Performs actions according to the processes provided by Neolevel
>> Keeps in touch with Neolevel
>> Participates in meetings with suppliers
Contact us, invite us to a discussion about your marketing needs and how we can help you in this regard. Check also the other services offered by Neolevel.