„Marketing is the key to extraordinary results that a company can achieve” Peter Fisk
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Human Resources Services for Marketing

Every company reaches a stage when an internal marketing department is needed, and the need for marketing projects is large enough to justify hiring their own staff.

Via our Human Resources services, Neolevel wants to help companies and customers implement and coordinate their own marketing department.

If you are not a marketing specialist, how will you choose a specialist to hire? How do you know what you need to ask them, what they need to know? How will you organize the work?

The Marketing activity is very complex and very fast. If you have decided to start doing marketing in-house, Neolevel helps you establish an efficient department.

Among of human resources services for marketing are:

Recruitment and Selection Marketing personnel

We define for you the job requirements, selection criteria, list of activities that the future marketing responsible will have to do. We place employment ads on your behalf, receive applications and select the most appropriate candidate, giving you a short list of options.

We conduct a pre-selection interview. We participate with you to interviews.
We design specific tests and practice samples for the post pursued and evaluate the practical evidence.
We help you choose the right person.
Organizing personnel for effective marketing

For the first person in charge of marketing, still a junior, we write the job description and design a program of activities for a certain period of time, helping them start in your company and offering you an evaluation procedure for the marketing activity. 

In view of hiring a whole department, we offer organization systems and job descriptions for each specialization, according to the employment needs of your firm.

If you already have marketing people who are not organized, we help you organize and lead them. We even help you choose the leader based on performance and management skills.
Coordinating, motivating and evaluating marketing and sales staff

Together we establish programs to motivate staff who wish to obtain better results in both marketing and sales. We keep track and coordinate projects or make adjustments that help the team meet its objectives, thus achieving bonuses and other benefits.

We also create internal assessment systems for marketing and sales so that the motivational system is fair and truly motivating.
Training in marketing the non-specialized personnel

If you already have marketing staff that for some reason is not sufficiently experienced or performing, we create customized training and coaching programs by which to reduce this disadvantage.
We evaluate the personnel and the marketing activities carried out, correcting where necessary and maintaining the good work done.

We offer support in the work of the marketing department until it reaches the required standards of a competitive and professional marketing.
Precise guidance on specific projects
Both seniors and especially juniors can experience new situations when they do not feel confident to know how to make it right. In this matter we can guide the processes during their implementation so as to eliminate the stress of the first difficult project first, making sure that it is done well and on time.

On the list of possible challenges to a young department may be the participation in an international exhibition, representing the company in specialized conferences, organization of intensive sales campaigns, the first company profile, the first booklet, the first advertising campaign, etc.
Marketing coaching for juniors
The first year may be difficult for a junior, if he does not have a marketing director and a mentor to guide him in his activities. Neolevel comes with a program that guides new marketing responsible through regular meetings and discussions, with advice and confirmations for the projects well done.

Why is this service important for companies? Because marketing is a field far more complex than even the management of the company. Because through marketing the company presents itself outside, and it has to deal with very different and very large publics. Because marketing is dealing with clients and clients are the ones making the company grow. The importance of a well done marketing is crucial.

It is true that few companies realize the true value of a professional marketing. Also that some firms do not perceive their own marketing deficiencies. As difficult as it is to admit, you can find yourself in the situation that you are not satisfied with the marketing done by your men who you care about. You will not want to replace them, you'll not want to hire extra people and keep inefficient personnel and you will want to stop the marketing activity. The simplest and cheapest solution is to get a coach for a limited period of time that will regulate the processes as much as possible.

Contact us, invite us to a discussion and you will understand better if you need our marketing human resources services.