"Many receive advice, few profit by it" Publilius Syrius
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Marketing Consulting Services

The long list of services offered by Neolevel will convince you about our style, rigor and the complexity of our activities, as well as of the major importance we give to the process, organization, analysis, planning, and management of systems in general. We do all these through a professional marketing perspective.

We offer our customers a relatively complete series of consultancy services on specific issues of strategic and operational marketing as well as management of the marketing activity services.

Once you start working with us on solving marketing problems, Neolevel can be considered an external marketing department of your company. We become a reliable partner of managers who operates with a single purpose -
to help the company achieve its business objectives through a professional marketing.
Our Marketing Consulting Services are:

Marketing Audit.

A complete analysis of existing marketing activities and marketing potential is the basis for any marketing strategy. Service Details.

Strategic and Operational Marketing

Strategic Marketing Consultancy includes several programs for solving the company marketing problems. These possible projects include: building marketing and communication plans and strategies, strategies for positioning, building and following marketing and media budgets, product strategy, distribution systems and so on. Service Details.

The Operational Marketing Consultancy ensures that the company implements its strategy and programs in the right way, without wasting resources and with focus on the desired results. Service Details.
Strategic Sales Consulting

Your Sales team is probably the most important marketing resource of your company, but it is also a difficult resource to manage. Neolevel offers a range of consultancy services in order to improve the sales systems and increase the company sales. Service Details.

Communication and Advertising Services

Neolevel can perform for its customers some specific communication projects, without outsourcing to partner agencies and without subjecting our clients to additional costs. Service Details.

Allocation of Marketing Budgets

„I can spend X amount on promotional activities. How to distribute the money?” This is one of the most difficult dilemmas faced by a marketing responsible. The normal tendency is to give money mainly on advertising, although there are many actions that need smaller marketing budgets and sometimes have direct results. Service Details.

Consultancy for Pitch
Choosing external agencies for advertising, media, PR or web communications, is a project on its own, by talking about large sums of money and important trust given to the specialized companies. If there is no marketing specialist in your company, how will you be able to choose the best agency and most effective campaign? You can get Neolevel’s help in this process, organizing and following all stages. Service Details.

Marketing Coaching

Marketing Coaching is a program developed by Neolevel to guide, motivate, and provide support in the day to day marketing activities of companies. Service Details.

Strategic Development Solutions - high-level marketing.

Marketing at the highest level has a direct result the business development at all levels, creating value for customers and maintaining market value on the long run. For special clients of Neolevel, the ones we had a long relationship with, knowing the business in detail, we may propose strategic development solutions. Service Details.

Other consulting services for business and marketing:

Neolevel developed a series of services for companies operating in specific areas, especially for start-up companies or for those that have plans to expand internationally.

Marketing services for specific industries:
Knowing in detail the business market where the company wants to enter, or our client’s area of business, Neolevel can develop dedicated marketing programs. Service Details.

International Services:
These services are dedicated to small and medium companies wishing to enter the Romanian market, or to Romanian companies wishing to break into foreign markets, some known by the Neolevel specialists. Details of service and markets.

Integrated Marketing Management Systems
Counselling in creating procedures for marketing, sales, CRM, modelling processes in order to integrate the activities, developing systems to streamline processes. Service Details.

Although the long list of services offered by Neolevel, it is in continuous development. We focus on attracting professionals, specialized and very experienced in the various areas of marketing, in order to cover as much as possible this essential activity of any company.

Marketing is a vast, but critical for the market success of all companies. Neolevel strives to provide all marketing services and programs at a level of professional excellence.

Contact us to set an appointment and determine together the ways through which Neolevel can help you gain market success.