"Many receive advice, few profit by it" Publilius Syrius
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Marketing Budget Allocation

I have X amount to spend on promotional activities. How to distribute the money?

This is one of the most difficult dilemmas faced by any marketing responsible. The natural tendency is to think about allocating most of the money for advertising, between TV, radio, street advertising, advertising in the press or other media. The general tendency is to give money mainly on advertising.

Neolevel was originally developed to teach companies that marketing does not mean only advertising. There are many actions that need marketing budgets (often much lower than those for advertising), actions that offer direct and measurable results. We are talking here about:
Marketing through Databases
Sales Force marketing
Marketing by Events
Marketing through fairs and exhibitions
Internet Marketing
Internal marketing,
and many other techniques.

Get Neolevel advice on how to distribute the budgets, so you can get the best results, on how to create media plans and especially on how not to throw money out the window.