„Marketing is the key to extraordinary results that a company can achieve” Peter Fisk
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Marketing Audit

A complete analysis of existing marketing activities and marketing potential of the company is the basis for any marketing strategy.

Only after an in-depth knowledge of the market strengths and weaknesses of the company, the key competencies, their position in the current market and the company image in the consumer mind can we begin the process of creating the company's strategy.

Only after a professional audit can we assess the effectiveness of existing and previous marketing activities.

The purpose is to determine the real market value of the company.
This becomes the base for future business activity (not just marketing).

The Marketing Audit requires research. It can be done at different levels adapted to the company needs, more quickly based on the secondary information and more complex through a professional research program.

Implementing a marketing monitoring system for the company would be the best solution, but the company must demonstrate the necessary maturity to succeed in this endeavour.

Neolevel includes a basic marketing audit in its services proposals, because it is the only way to ensure our strategic proposals are based on the company reality and to offer viable solutions to perceived problems.

Neolevel also offers consultancy for complex and complete audits for those clients wishing to see themselves in a clear mirror. It is a courageous step, which takes time, but it is vital for the long-term business success.

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