„Marketing is the key to extraordinary results that a company can achieve” Peter Fisk
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Marketing Coaching

Marketing Coaching is a program developed by Neolevel to guide, motivate and provide support in the day to day marketing activities of companies.

As marketing is a very broad field, with multiple acceptable choices for each activity, it is easy to lose direction. Athletes know their goals, know how to prepare and train themselves and know everything about the sport they are competing in. Still an athlete without a good coach will not achieve great performance. The companies have not yet learned this lesson, although most top managers have done sports in their childhood or youth.

Neolevel is campaigning for marketing coaching and believes that a good coach can make a big difference in the company market performance.

The coaching service is subscription based, for a minimum period of one year.
Among the coaching activities are:
Monitoring the marketing activity of the company during the contract period
Monthly meeting with the General Manager to evaluate and guide the marketing activities
Assessment of completed actions
Solutions to repair any mistakes
Proposal of new actions
Weekly discussions with the inside designated person
Guiding actions on the go
Correction of texts / projects / presentations
Marketing guidelines
A general program of major marketing activities the company needs to focus on - objectives, secondary objectives, major actions, activity lines
Detailing the activities in action plans
Marketing Budget Estimates
Programming marketing activities and projects in steps, allocated resources, responsibilities and deadlines
Detailed schedules of actions and activities for each project
GANT Chart for following up the activities and meeting deadlines
Designation of responsibilities for each employee involved 
Chart on resources allocation
and other activities

The Marketing coach is making sure that all things are done properly so you have the better chance to succeed in sales, communication and marketing. He / She is advising, guiding, preparing documents, and correcting mistakes – a support system for your marketing activity.

If you do not have a strong marketing department in your company, you need at least a good coach. Contact us to find out more.