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Management of Marketing Activities

When talking about marketing consulting services offered by Neolevel, we are referring to each specific service described in this site, but also to the general concept of marketing management and counselling.

For whom is this service?
The management of the marketing activity service is dedicated to:

>> Companies that, although performing marketing activities, do not have a dedicated department.
>> Companies that have a person in charge of marketing, but not enough specialists in key areas.
>> Companies that do not yet have a good marketing system in place, which includes procedures, reports, budgets, plans, activities and so on.
>> Companies that rush to start marketing projects
A small or medium sized company either does not perform marketing activities, or they do perform them without having a dedicated department, or the responsibility of marketing falls to people who are too busy with their own responsibilities.

But a small company is growing; the activity is very dynamic and crowded. Processes are not settled and the company wants to make as much and as fast as possible to grow in the market.

In most companies of this type, the responsibility of marketing belongs to the CEO or GM, his/her assistant, or at best, the Director of Sales. These people have other priorities specific to their function. Marketing comes, therefore, in second place.
The person responsible understands perfectly the importance of marketing, but has no time to invest in the required actions. The Assistant is asked to find suppliers, write texts, create brochures, keep in touch with advertising agencies, etc. It is not easy for anyone, but neither it is worth it to develop an independent marketing department... at least not this year ...
Marketing experts are few and expensive. It is not advisable to hire and establish a department when you would rather grow the business in general.

How to evaluate and select the marketing staff, not having a specialist company? Can you afford to allocate between 3 to 6 months before the new marketing department was unable to do marketing?

Neolevel offers companies a solution in this situation: a day to day marketing counselling, monitoring and coaching program which is exactly what a marketing manager would do if hired.

Thus, Neolevel becomes an external director of marketing of the company, working directly with the GM or the Assistant, monitoring the marketing activity; guiding their activities, providing expertise that otherwise would not pay to be hired permanently.

When the company gets ready to develop their own department, Neolevel helps them with the human resources for marketing services.

What does it actually mean to manage the clients marketing?
In short, Neolevel becomes responsible for organizing activities, proposing projects and discussing them with representatives of the company. The process unfolds like Neolevel would be part of the company. However, Neolevel can only propose and execute. The choice and approval of projects and activities belongs to the management, as well as providing the required information and processing of specific documents will be made by internal personnel from the client company.

The Liaison:

Neolevel works directly with the people employed in the client company
We need to know about the company, the strategic objectives, the set of important restrictions that we need to work with, and often we need to know the company's internal resources.

The people in charge of the relationship with Neolevel are mainly:
>> The company General Manager who:
Sign contracts
Approves strategies and projects
Approves budgets and signs bills
Approves the necessary payments
>> Assistant of General Manager who:
Provides information
Performs actions according to procedures provided by Neolevel
Keeps constant touch with Neolevel
Participates in meetings with suppliers
The working procedure:
Together we establish a program of regular meetings between the company representatives and Neolevel, as well as a work program.
We present projects and decide upon resource allocation for the approved projects in periodic meetings with the GM.
Based on a plan of activities, responsibilities and deadlines, Neolevel works directly with the designated persons in the company.
Neolevel will dedicate a certain time to communicate directly with those responsible, to watch and guide the processes.
The project evaluation is done in a formal meeting with the CEO or GM.
Each of the Neolevel clients benefits from different services and a customised work system. The aim of this system is to develop a professional marketing, as the company would have in fact its own employed specialists.

Confidentiality is crucial for us, as we work with private information of companies. We sign and ensure the confidentiality of data received from the company. We require the written consent of the General Manager for each realized item, each public communication on behalf of the company and for each representation of the client in relation to third parties.

Neolevel will not work at any time in the name of the client without having received clear approval and authorization in this regard and without making sure that all carried out actions are perfectly understood by the GM.

We obviously require the same level of confidentiality from our customers. All materials made by Neolevel for the customers come under copyright laws and all service offerings are customized for each client.

What we are trying to achieve through this service is to offer a real solution for companies that cannot afford to include in their organization a full pledged marketing department that is sufficiently large to cover all the marketing needs.

Call us to a more detailed discussion if you are in a similar situation with your company and the solution we offer can benefit you. We will set the first appointment. It will not cost you anything. We get to know each other and realize together what we can do to help your company achieve its objectives.

We will offer a personalized marketing services package and a program of activities dedicated to your company.