„Marketing takes a day to learn and a lifetime to master” Philip Kotler
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Pitch Support Services

Choosing external agencies for Advertising, Media, PR, web communication etc. is an extremely important project that cannot be taken lightly.

We are talking about large sums of money to be spent and a lot of trust to be given to external specialized companies. If your company does not have a marketing professional, you can choose according to your own taste, or you can call Neolevel to be involved in this process.

We can create for you the pitch proposal and file, participate in presentations with you and advise you in choosing which agency to work for your campaign. Neolevel is a marketing agency and does not enter in competition with advertising agencies, so you can be assured of our impartiality.

Of course, you can choose by yourself. But remember something very important: the management preference does not matter in the market; the only preference that matters is the customer’s. The customer is the one who decides to spend money on your product or service. Be careful in distinguishing the opinions.
A pitch is a process in several stages:
The decision to invest significant amounts in advertising
Invitation of selected agencies to present their credentials
Creating a set of objectives and the Pitch file  
Gathering on file the necessary information about the product and company
Creating the agency brief
Selecting the list of finalists
Guiding the agency in the creative process
Watching agency proposal presentations
Selecting the agency
Negotiation and contract signing

Naturally, the process continues by following up the actions throughout the entire campaign, but it is necessary to choose well which agency will work for your company.