"Many receive advice, few profit by it" Publilius Syrius
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Strategic Sales Consulting Services

The Sales team is probably the most important marketing resource of the firm, but it is also a resource difficult to manage. The Sales Manager must give proof of a great leadership, but also of knowledge and strategic thinking. Sales people need direction, motivation and clear goals. They must be trained and taught what to do.

They have a difficult job to do - finding clients and negotiating on behalf of the company - but are also difficult to manage- they are result driven, independent personalities.

Selling is a marketing activity and the sales strategy is an extremely important part of the overall business strategy.
Neolevel comes with strategic sales consulting services, such as:
Definition of potential clients
Defining the specific target markets;
Identifying groups of customers
Strategies for addressing customers
Strategies for offering: Prices, discount policies discounts, CRM policies 
Promotional strategies, promotional campaigns and materials
Training in presentation techniques, negotiation techniques, sales scenarios
Defining the structure of sales teams
Solutions to motivate sales teams
Communication and Advertising