„Marketing is the key to extraordinary results that a company can achieve” Peter Fisk
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Marketing Training Services

Marketing is an elite field. Marketing people are compelled to have a very strong theoretical knowledge doubled by significant experience. If in other company departments the education level is not very relevant (like in production), marketing is a top management function. Even at junior level we are asking for specific higher education. Marketing elitism is not due to the difficulty in assimilating this field. Instead, marketing is easy to understand.

The difficulty lies in mastering the field and being able to juggle with multiple projects and various demands at the same time.

The difficulty lies in being able to maintain the system on the long term, in motivating the staff, in following through the established plans, and especially in monitoring activities to ensure coherence of all the actions when you wish to create a brand.

Neolevel has developed several training programs dedicated to marketers and those who have marketing responsibilities in their job description.
  Specialized Training for small groups.
  "Focussed Training”: Customized training for companies.

  Trainings in partnership: training programs offered in cooperation with specialized partners.
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