„Marketing takes a day to learn and a lifetime to master” Philip Kotler
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The Livingroom

Specialized training programs for small groups


Participants will have the opportunity to learn marketing techniques in a pleasant atmosphere, like in a friend’s living room.

Specific of The Livingroom training is the presentation of theoretical elements and case studies in a relaxed and informal discussion, making it a pleasing learning experience.

The training room is arranged in such manner to encourage discussion and to eliminate any feeling of scholar activity. The information is assimilated in a relaxed manner in the Livingroom.

The training format includes a marketing lesson with discussions on the presented topic and case studies. Participants are able to assimilate the information directly, both in theory and from real examples, as well as to self-assess their level of knowledge.

As a bonus of this event, The livingroom offers a great opportunity for networking. Participants are selected from various companies, with a similar background, and the relaxed atmosphere allows discussions, exchanges of ideas and business cards, and why not, the formation of personal relationships.

Topics addressed: There is no limit in the type of topics addressed in The Livingroom training, but some standard discussions are:
      How to make a presentation?
      How to write a marketing text?
      Organizing a press conference
      Organizing a product launch
      Participation in fairs and exhibitions
      Direct Marketing Campaigns
      How to get the boss approval?

Participants: The discussions are in small groups of maximum 10 participants and the training group is formed by pre-registration, so that we can form homogeneous groups, with people of similar backgrounds and a similar level of knowledge. Marketing assistants in various companies, GM assistants, managers of small companies, people who want to develop some specific skills can participate.

Duration: 2-4 hours. The theoretical presentation lasts between 20 and 40 minutes, with extensions for questions and answers. It is followed by a coffee break and discussions on the presented topic, networking, case studies or even an exercise, depending on the course.

The Livingroom is a program dedicated to buzy, employed people who want to learn marketing in more detail, but cannot afford to spend a day away from the office.

Register your interest for The livingroom training by sending an email to: training@neolevel.ro with your contact details and the marketing areas in which you feel the need to a deeper knowledge. A Neolevel representative will contact you to provide accurate data about the training and better find out  about your interests.

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