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Focussed Training

Companies can employ us to provide customized trainings and workshops for their employees. These trainings are focussed on specific marketing elements and are either theoretical or practical.

Specific for this training is the customization for the client, trying to answer a direct, immediate need for knowledge.

We create the training course after a discussion with the client and we adapt the examples to situations that company employees directly face. This training can be held at the client headquarters or in another location, upon on their preferences.

Among the offered training programs:
>> How to make a presentation?
>> How to write marketing a text?
>> Organizing a press conference
>> The product launch
>> Participating in fairs and exhibitions
>> Direct marketing campaigns
>> How to get the boss approval?
>> How to close a transaction?
>> How to negotiate?
>> Effective Selling
The list of courses is unlimited; often the client choosing what kind of training to offer its employees, according to the company needs at that time.

Participants: employees of companies.
Duration: between half a day and a day according to the theme presented.

If you want the Neolevel representatives to hold a training course for your company, please send us an e-mail to training@neolevel.ro with some details about your specific training needs and estimated number of participants. We will contact you and have a discussion, and then we adapt our training to your identified needs.