„Marketing is the key to extraordinary results that a company can achieve” Peter Fisk
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Marketing Vitamins

... a.k.a. Express Services

Vitamins are necessary elements for our body that help internal processes and stimulate certain activities. Without vitamins, the body sickens. In case of insufficient vitamins, the body will not work properly. That's why people take vitamins and supplement their daily diet with them.

Marketing Vitamins are the food supplement for the business to operate at the parameters you want. These express services are marketing elements without which the firm cannot obtain a strong market position. They sometimes appear as coincidental needs, other times they are part of a marketing plan.

Our Marketing Vitamins are small projects. They have a start date and a completion, they are well established in steps, based on defined resources and follow specific goals, generally on shorter terms, but also with long-term effects.

The Marketing Vitamins are services for companies that have more marketing projects than the necessary internal human resources.

In many companies there is an established marketing department, with one person required to bear a much too heavy workload, or a load over their level or experience. Marketing specialists are expensive on nowadays labour market, and sometimes there is no time to hire a junior, teaching and bringing them to a level where they can have a real contribution in the department. That is why you sometimes need someone with experience who can take over projects in an extremely short time. Things are moving in less than a week. 

Neolevel may in this case be involved in short projects, so you can reduce the pressure of marketing, especially when you face a very tight deadline.

How can we help?  By organizing events, creating texts and presentations, guiding the processes with fresh eyes.
There are many types of short projects that can be done better or faster by somebody else, instead of overloading the limited human resources of the firm. There are many specific projects that you can relieve yourself from and use the time to handle more urgent work that needs your presence.

How can we help?  Here are some of the supply of marketing vitamins:
>> Organizing business events
>> Organizing press conferences
>> Organizing Networking events
>> Organizing participations in Fairs and Exhibitions
>> Participating in the team of company representatives at fairs and exhibitions
>> Organizing events to launch new products / services / projects
>> Creating branding elements:
Company Profile
Presentations to clients and partners
Presentations of offers
Logo creation
>> Human Resources Consulting in Marketing
Recruitment and selection of candidates for a marketing position.
Short listing of candidates.
Checking the marketing knowledge and skills of candidates.
Creating job descriptions, organizational charts and systems for organizing marketing and sales teams.
>> Consulting in marketing planning
>> Participation in the planning process as an external marketing specialist.
>> Writing and editing presentations of marketing plans for GM meetings or external presentations.
>> Develop marketing and communications plans to achieve marketing objectives.
The range of marketing vitamins is wide. They differ from other Neolevel services because our involvement is project based, not term based.

You can think of us as an intervention team in case of need, when you feel overwhelmed by your marketing responsibilities and you are pressed for time.

Remember our contacts in your address book.

Call us to get you vitamins, when your internal marketing system needs a boost, when the load is greater than you can handle, or even when you simply want to improve your processes.